5​-​way split

by Personality Disorders

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My songs for a 5-way split between myself, Kill The Intellectuals, Panucci's Pizza, flatsound and Emo Side Project. This is released through Little L Records and Driftwood Records.

I am super proud to be on this release with each artist being an inspiration of mine.

Angela of Kill The Intellectuals showed me there were small niche communities of lo-fi artists and both her age and talent push me to be even better at lo-fi.

Matt of Panucci's Pizza is a great friend of mine and we keep ending up on splits together but I mean hey that's fine I love Matt and as someone that was a fan of their band before becoming friends, I can say that becoming their friend has only been the biggest delight and proven to me that your favorite artists can make for some of the best friends.

Mitch of flatsound is a big reason for why this project started, as I started listening to his music a few years back and it turned me onto the idea of bedroom recording and it made me want to try to achieve his level of creativity and success when it comes to music and interaction with fans.

Andrew of Emo Side Project was one of the first emo bands I ever got into. I remember getting into Andrew's music in high school and thinking it was so cool and so cute and it made me feel really comfortable with the emo tag as a whole and furthered my curiosity into the genre.


released January 5, 2015

Recorded over September & October of 2014 at The Closet Mansion.



all rights reserved


Personality Disorders New York

Songs to fall asleep to.

Bedroom recordings; May 2013-January 2016.

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Track Name: someone who knows what they're worth
You fell asleep in someone else's clothing
You looked upset, like I shouldn't be watching
I was so confused by your touch
It's amazing someone could love themselves so much

You'll find me drunk on the sidewalk when you need me
You'll find me drunk on the sidewalk when you decide that you love me
And you know you'll deserve better than this
There's nothing more beautiful than someone who knows what they're worth
Track Name: someone who is as ugly as they feel
Spend the year inside to think about my life, instead I spend the year inside to avoid living mine. I'm selfish when I write these songs I don't like, until I end up back in bed trying to be noticed again.

But you won't know. You won't ever hear this.

Spend the year inside to think about my life, instead avoid living mine. I played the victim but got caught up in my story, you were made of loss, made for discomfort. And I was made of my father's sin, to find no solace in aging skin.

You left me to hospital beds and finding solace in "You'll be okay, eventually."

But I am ugly as I feel.
I am ugly as I am worth.
You are still above me.


I know what I'm worth. I am nothing.