Love is for Chumps

by Personality Disorders

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I am a strong believer in the intimacy of lo-fi music so I got a bunch of my favorite lo-fi artists (along with a few friends who don't necessarily fall into that category) and put together an 8-way split in honor of Valentine's Day, one of the most cute and intimate holidays of the year.

The first half of this split features a new song from each artist, while
the second half of this split features each artist covering a love song (loosely defined in some cases) that resonated with them.


released February 14, 2015

The beautiful art is on behalf of Mary Allen of Tombo Crush.
This 8-way split is to be put out on tape by Little L Records and Driftwood Records.


Little Tyrant is tumblr heartthrob Matt Diamond. They take the best aspects of upbeat folk punk and mix it with their dynamic voice and strong ear for harmony. Their original is Muster and they cover flatsound's "old lumina".

Mrs. Hopewell is Chris Nicastro. He uses lo-fi to tell elaborate historical and literary narratives in a fun and engaging way. His original is "holly and i are soup snakes" and he covers Brand New's "Soco Amaretto Lime".

chill corea is Melissa Caren. She writes cute bedroom pop with wonky synths and quirky lyrics that contrast perfectly with her pristine voice. Her original is "@sound guy" and she covers Canadian Wedding's "The Midwest is So Far East".

Tombo Crush is Mary Allen. Her ukelele shredding along with her beautiful, cathartic voice make Tombo Crush a really irresistible project. Her original is "doesnt/isnt" and she covers Cyberbully Mom Club's "i'm tired and i hate this song (don't go)".

Randy's Got a Playdough Face is Daniel Marino. Randy is the embodiment of 80's speed metal wrapped up in a soft indie package. Randy's original is "College Point" and Randy covers QUARTERBACKS's "CENTER".

peaches davenport is Cole Wharton. He creates immense soundscapes while retaining a lo-fi quality that is altogether odd and engaging. His original is "black black moon pt 2" and he covers Little Joy's "Play The Part".

Kill the Intellectuals is Angela-Grace Foster. She combines the blunt aspects of folk punk with the harshness of lo-fi to create something brutally honest and always sonically interesting. Her original is "i miss u but you rlly suck" and she covers Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea".

"sober love" is performed by Jorge Velez of Personality Disorders. My songs are cool sometimes. I covered NOUNS's "my life through cold sweats" but their version is better.

I'm very happy to have organized this cute split with all my friends.

Love is for chumps and I'm a sucker.



all rights reserved


Personality Disorders New York

Songs to fall asleep to.

Bedroom recordings; May 2013-January 2016.

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Track Name: Little Tyrant - Muster
You kiss like a brick, but I wouldn’t have it any other way
I would stay, if I could muster up the courage to give a shit
I could quit, just stay in bed and let the sheets take hold Keep me cold, until I freeze to death
I wasted so much time just stressin’ I just couldn’t seem to learn my lesson
I’d rather stay inside and keep kissin’
I’ll tell ya love is for chumps, and I’m a sucker.
Track Name: mrs. hopewell - holly and i are soup snakes
I get so overwhelmed with, I get so overwhelmed with you. My chest pulsates excessively, pulsates too much when I'm with you. I get so overwhelmed with, I get so overwhelmed with you.
Track Name: chill corea - @sound guy
i wanna touch your bones you're the only one i wanna know if i had a choice i'd always be hearing your voice but there's just noise fuck that noise bring my head around and make my heart beat loud crushin on ya
Track Name: tombo crush - doesnt/isnt
circling the drain but i like it when you say my name
but everythings the same
tired eyes turn down the lights
ive got space in checkered sheets
just for you if you want it just for you if you need it
i wanna make things better for you but that doesnt mean it has to me
it doesnt have to be me
Track Name: Randy's Got a Playdough Face - College Point
Was that from starlight
Or was it coming from your eyes
A complete spectrum
Shining all at once
Making me question
“Are we drunk Or are we just emotional people.”
And snow is covering your hair
Casting a delicate wedding veil
I should check if I’m asleep
Is this snow or my bed sheets
If I close my eyes
Still see you laying by my side
And I feel like I’m in love although I’m not
It must be the caffeine
We must be on TV
We must be actors on a screen
The scripts we are reading
Were written perfectly
And your acting
Almost made me believe
That you actually loved me
They make it look so much easier on TV
Leaving me to imagine a place in focused camera lens and bright lights
Where I can scream to you over building complexes
“Oh my dear, our love is an announcement!
And harnessed to our hearts
Like a dream that was set free from our sleep
And rebuilt into reality.”
Track Name: peaches davenport - black black moon pt 2
20 dollar yung, you asked me on the 28th
weather you could come back home
i got my hopes up

roll in, to peach pits,
hoping you would crawl right in
details, of mondbont,
swimming thru a big black moon
i got my hopes up
Track Name: Kill the Intellectuals - i miss u but you rlly suck
Remember my eyes
Remember how I cried
Remember my hands
The same size as yours
I miss you
But I dont like you
I miss you
But I dont want to
I miss you
But I dont like you
I miss you
All the way
Track Name: sober love
I want to die in my room.
Four walls surround me because they know it all.

And all I’ve ever wanted was for someone to notice me. Sober love, tell me you will be enough to keep me alive. So keep me on track and keep me alive.

You will be different this time, lie to your mind, tell yourself otherwise because I will be different this time. Because you get what you want when it’s not what you need and oh god that is cliché. And oh god I am cliché, but, for you I stay the same. So if I stay sober love will you please not leave my mind? And I will stay sober love in the hopes that you do not leave my mind.

Because all I’ve ever wanted was for someone to notice me. Sober love, tell me you will be enough to keep me alive. So keep me on track and keep me alive.